Rodric Agravain

A Jack Of All Trades

  • Class: Bard Lvl 5


Str 15 +2
Dex 16 +3
Con 16 +3
Int 15 +2
Wis 8 -1
Cha 17 +3


Initiative 3
H.P. 39
Speed 30 ft.
Sex Male
Age 21
Height 5’9"
Weight 140 lbs.
Deity Fharlanghn
Alignment Chaotic Good
Languages Common Elven Draconic

Armor Class

A.C. 16
Touch A.C. 13
Flat-Footed A.C. 13

Base Attack Bonus & Grapple

Grapple 5

Saving Throws

Fortitude 4
Reflex 7
Will 7

Weapons, Attack Bonuses, And Damage

Crossbow +6 1d8
Rapier +1 +6 1d6+3
Daggers (4) +5 Melee: +6 Thrown 1d4+2


Basic Adventuring Kit Mandolin Lute Spell Component Pouch Studded Leather Armor (Masterwork)

Magical Gear

Rapier +1 Armband Of Elusive Action Wand Of Mage Armor (10 Charges) Wand Of Cure Light Wounds (8 Charges)


Cure Light Wounds (2) Barkskin +3 (1)

Skills (Points/Ranks + Ability Modifer)

Concentration 10
Decipher Script 8
Hide 10
Knowledge (Arcane) 9
Move Silently 9
Perform (Strings) 11
Perform (Singing) 11
Spellcraft 9
Tumble 11
Use Magic Device 11

Skills Due To Bardic Knack (All Ranks Have 3 + Ability Modifer)

Appraise 5
Balance 6
Bluff 6
Climb 5
Diplomacy 6
Disguise 6
Escape Artist 6
Gather Information 6
Jump 5
Listen 2
Sense Motive 2
Swim 5


Extra Music Force Of Personality Melodic Casting

Class Features

Bardic Knack Bardic Music

Bardic Songs

Countersong Fascinate Inspire Courage +1 Inspire Competence


  • 0-Level Known: 0-Level Cast: 3
    |Daze|Detect Magic|Light|Resistance|Flare|Ghost Sound|
  • 1-Level Known: 1-Level Cast: 4
    |Cure Light Wounds|Inspirational Boost|Improvisation|Focusing Chant|
  • 2-Level Known: 2-Level Cast: 2
    |Painful Echoes|Sonic Weapon|Tactical Precision|

Growing up in the Azure District, Rodric Agravain, always had a fascination with music and the finer things in life. His best friend while growing up was Desmond Celidon. They first met when both their mothers, who were also best friends, carried them on their backs at only months old. Rodric and Desmond grew up together. Always talking about one day adventuring together.

Desmond’s family, being slightly more influential in the city, was very close to Rodric’s family. Both fathers being rather wealthy merchants. They also sat partly on the city council.

Rodric and Desmond both attended the best schools in the city. It was obvious from the start that Rodric was much more adept at learning than was Desmond. While Rodric was busy studying and practicing singing and playing the fiddle, lute, and mandolin; Desmond always felt he had a calling to be a warrior. But not just some type of front-line fighter, but something more. A warrior for the church. A warrior for good and just causes. A warrior for Heironeous. This all came to fruition when they were both 12 years of age and Desmond and Rodric were having a small disagreement with a local bully named Fedor from the poor side of town, the bully was beating up three younger poor kids. Both Rodric and Desmond confronted the bully who in turn hit Desmond squarely in the face. Stunned, Desmond backed away and lost consciousness if but for a moment. And in the brief time, which seemed like hours for Desmond, he saw an angel for Heironeous. That angel was a messenger and stated to Desmond in a booming and echoing voice, “My lord wishes to request your right hand to his side. For your heart and soul are just. Take his gift of divine favor and vanquish the injustices in the world. Do this in his name, Desmond Celidon”. A bright flash of white light and Desmond came too. Looking around he saw the bully and Rodric in heated debate. And in an instant, the bully punched Rodric as squarely as he did Desmond. Watching his best friend fall, Desmond quickly to his feet tackled the bully. He then hit him, his punch fueled with a quick sampling of Heironeous’ power, knocked the bully out. Desmond rushed over to Rodric, who was shaking off the hit from Fedor. Helping his friend up, Desmond stated, “I don’t think Fedor will be continuing his antics anymore”. Laughing, they both helped the smaller kids and they went back to the Noble district.

Through the years, Rodric saw Desmond coming to his own. After graduating form their local school, Rodric saw Desmond be recruited by a paladin named Thome Georgian. Desmond became his squire, the beginning stages of becoming a paladin. Rodric was proud of his friend finding a vocation that always suited his demeanor. After all, it was always Desmond who looked after Rodric. Even though they worked out together, and practiced swordplay together; Desmond always was bigger and always somehow fought better than Rodric. After basic school, in which Rodric received the highest of honors, was being primed from his father and the head of school to enroll into wizardry college. He finally heeded their recommendations, and enrolled in a prestidigious wizardry college. He lasted less than a week. Even though Rodric was smart enough and had a great interest in magic, the school was much more structured and intense than Rodric wanted to be. He quickly withdrew himself. He was more interested in playing music, singing, and even storytelling. The story he made up of the bully and them, became slightly more exaggerated than what really happened. Rodric started to play music on the streets for a few coppers from local passerbys. Rodric’s father, even though supportive as he was, did not approve of Rodric being a street performer. He then took Rodric aside and had a long talk with him. Even though he wanted Rodric to either be a wizard or warrior, even to follow in Desmond’s footsteps. But he knew Rodric, being smart and talented, did not want to do either. He saw his son excel at music. His father then pulled a couple of strings (no pun intended) and had him enrolled in a small bardic college. When Rodric arrived at the school he was impressed from the very beginning. And he knew that a bard was his calling. Magic and music, Rodric thought, this is what I will do and excel.

Through the next few years, Desmond and Rodric saw less of each other due to their respective training. But they always had one day a week where they would be together. They would tell stories, work out, tell each other their deeds, and even cruise the the city. Desmond saw how good Rodric was getting at his music. He enjoyed it very much when Rodric would play and sing. Rodric saw how big and strong Desmond was getting and how well he was getting at fighting with a sword. He even saw a hint of pureness form Desmond.
Rodric soon graduated from bardic college, ranking number one in his class. Desmond, after a formal mass and ceremony became a paladin. Was given his sword of honor, and had his first trials of a paladin in the city. This included guard duty of the church, guard duty of his neighborhood, and seeking out right in the city. His opening stages of a paladin was filled with practice of his abilities.

Rodric, not having a real purpose after bardic college, started playing in the local seedy taverns. Rodric, becoming a small fixture in these taverns of ill repute, started to associate himself with less desirables in the city. Late nights, some drinking, and much gambling took up Rodric’s free time. Desmond, always the protector, tried to persuade Rodric to stop with his slightly hazardous decisions. As what Desmond suspected, Rodric did not listen and continued.
One night of his revelry, Rodric was gambling at a table with some really rough individuals. Rogues and fighters of a mercenary band. Rodric was winning hand after hand. The mercenaries were getting frustrated by his night of good fortune. After the 10th successive hand won by Rodric, three of the four confronted him about his winnings. Rodric contributed it too luck. They thought something else. They then quickly gripped Rodric up against the wall and found hidden cards from his sleeves. A trick he picked up from some other new friends he’s been palling around with. Smiling Rodric tried to talk his way out of it. The mercenaries didnt go for it. Brandishing a few daggers, they said they would cut him for each coin he took from them. Knowing that he’s in trouble, Rodric just gulped loudly and closed his eyes. Within an instant the tavern door was busted open. Standing there in his armor with sword out was Desmond Celidon. All along and in secret, Desmond would watch Rodric from the alleys and windows to make sure Rodric would be safe.

Rodric thought, ‘Always the protector but never subtle. Maybe a good name for a song or a lyric’. The mercenaries laughed at Desmond’s demand to release his friend. After moments of hesitation, Desmond struck quickly with his sword pummel and flat part of the blade. The mercenaries, caught off guard from his sudden assault, released Rodric and ran off into the night with their bumps and bruises. The owner of the tavern kicked out Rodric and Desmond and told them to never return.

After an hour of walking back to the noble district with Desmond lecturing to Rodric of what he did wrong, whilst Rodric was half-lisenting; the four mercenaries confronted the two. Taking out their weapons, they proceeded to engage the two in a fight. Rodric backed up and started to sing a ballad of how a knight confronted a group of ogres with nothing more than a stick. The ballad inspired something in Desmond. He felt confident and stronger. He pulled out his greatsword and asked the mercenaries to return from where they came. The mercenaries responded by attacking them. Desmond engaged the full force of them. Rodric pulled out his rapier and also engaged to help Desmond, all the while singing his ballad. As the fight proceeded, Desmond hacked away at them and their weapons with his greatsword. Rodric, while singing, fought with his rapier and even threw a spell or two during the fight. After the brief encounter, Rodric and Desmond stood there among the dropped mercenaries. They were groaning about their injuries on the ground. They also recognized the one as Fedor the bully. Desmond then demanded the mercenaries should leave and don’t bother them again. The two friends then continued home, laughing and talking about the fight they had just had. Actually, Rodric was laughing while Desmond preached on how they deserved the beating. On the way home, Desmond was giving advice to Rodric about not cheating and hanging so much in seedy taverns. Rodric was busy talking about the fight they had and stating how a song should be written on how two defeated four quite easily.

After months of following his charge, Desmond was called to his church as he was given another charge of vanquishing evil around he city and the area around. A special quest to enter a small underground crypt to erradicate several undead that had risen. He asked that his friend Rodric accompany him on this quest. They agreed and Desmond promptly confronted Rodric of the quest. At first Rodric thought that with no money involved, it would be a waste of time. Desmond then reiterated the request for Rodric to join. Thinking, Rodric would gain valuable experience and additional material for his stories and songs. Rodric also thought that he should be there with his friend to help him, for they were best friends. Desmond has always there for Rodric and Rodric has always been there for Desmond. So with the first of many adventures to follow, they ventured into the crypt….together….

Rodric Agravain

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