The Tide

There is No Honor 05

Taking out the Lotus Dragons

DM Note This is really late

The party explored the compound a little, stumbling across a few groups of thieves before realizing they had been awake for almost a whole day. They found a couple of rooms that seemed defensible and holed up for an extended rest.

When they finally emerged, a larger group of thieves were waiting for them. Caltrops had been spread across the floor, and Seamus strode right into them, hurting his foot. Crossbows fired at the group, pinning them in the room. As Leland returned fire, others set about taking a door off its hinges to cover the caltrops. Desmond picked his way carefully through the caltrops in an attempt to take the fight to the thieves. A few of the thieves were down before the door finally allowed someone else out of the room. The rest of the thieves were out of commission soon after.

After more exploring, the party found the training room and another fight, this time from ambush. By now, the characters were better trained than the thieves, so the fight didn’t last long, though Leland did take a hard hit from one of hte hidden thieves.

In an office, they found a map with colored pins in it. They copied it as well as they could, then moved all the pins around on the original. A couple rooms later, they came across the Guildmistress who offered them a job which was declined. The fight was brutal and ended when she drank a potion to turn into vapor and disappeared.

In another room, they found some letters from Vanthus to the Guildmistress, Rowyn Kellani, that held admissions that Vanthus had killed his own parents and stolen his sister’s money. There was also one letter that told of another heist he was planning in a place called Kraken’s Cove, planning to steal from the Crimson Fleet pirates.

When she saw the letters from Vanthus, Lavinia needed to take a moment to compose herself before speaking. She asked the characters to bring her brother back to face justice, finally giving up on redeeming him. When she saw the map, Lavinia realized the city had been in great danger. She said she would take it to the Dawn Council. She asked Sparrow to wait while the others left and admitted that she didn’t want to be seen as a little girl noble who can’t take care of herself—could Sparrow train her to fight?

A day or two later, each party member received an invitation to a feast in their honor for the work they had done in saving the city from being put under the thumb of a thieves guild. The feast was a fancy affair and they got to mingle with several members of the Dawn Council. The party enjoyed itself, knowing they would have to go out to find Vanthus soon enough.

DM Note Players should feel free to add their own experiences and the characters thoughts



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