The Tide

There Is No Honor 03


With nowhere to go but down a narrow twisting hallway, the group moved onward. They reached a door, and Leland attempted to hear if anything was moving on the other side. When he heard nothing, he pried open the stuck door with a crowbar. The light of Sparrow’s sunrod spilled into a wider hallway running east and west as far as Leland could judge. Sparrow chose right and they went east until coming to a pair of double doors which hung askew in their frames.

Inside the room were three ravenous undead creatures. Rodric cast off a quick spell and when he started singing to inspire everyone, it seemed to take stronger hold. Seamus flung a dagger at one of the zombies, but it didn’t do as much damage as it should have. Neither did Leland’s arrow. The group ended up moving in and hacking away at the undead until the zombies were in pieces.

They explored a few more rooms looking for a way out, but only stumbled across several more of the zombies hungering for their flesh—including sizeable bites of Sparrow and Desmond. The zombies were slowly wearing down the group as they searched for a way to get back to the surface.

“Does this look infected?” Sparrow asked Leland as they continued through the dank halls. “I think it might become infected.” Leland chewed up some herbs to make a quick poultice, which Sparrow would periodically poke (“is that pus, or is that just juice from the poultice? I think it might be pus”) as they went on.

In a room half sunken, they found a man’s body floating in the water, which Leland wheeled in with his grappling hook (with Sparrow’s encouragement to “throw it a little more to the right – wait, you almost have it – damn, it just slipped off his shoulder!”). Thinking maybe the water held a way out, they moved forward, only to be startled at Desmond’s yelp as five large crabs with pincers the size of daggers surged out of the water, annoyed at the disturbance of their home. After the fight, as Desmond was collecting crab claws in case they needed food later, he spotted something glimmering in the water and went to retrieve a silver dagger. There didn’t seem to be a way out from this room, so they moved on and found a room that was totally underwater of varying depths [Even though this looked to be a way out to the surface, Leland shocked his long time friend by suggesting to explore the rest of the rooms to make sure all the undead creatures were defeated. “See, you’re getting into this adventuring thing!” Sparrow exclaimed. Not really, he thought to himself, they were abominations. What was dead should stay dead and return to the earth in a natural manner].

At the far side of the twisting, water-filled tunnel was a short beach leading to a door. Leland broke the door open and was assailed by a stench so vile he nearly vomited. Inside was a body clutching a rolled up parchment in his hands.

“These bones be Pinkus…” Sparrow began reading, only to be cut off by Leland.

“They look blackus now.”

“Penkus, not Pinkus,” Sparrow shook her head, then read on. It seemed that Penkus was left here to die by Vanthus Vanderboren, Lavinia’s brother. “See, he really is a bastard,” Sparrow commented in mid-reading. “He even double-crossed this guy.” Penkus believed Vanthus was trying to work his way higher in the ranks of something called the Lotuses, and getting closer to the Lady of the Lotus. (“Clearly, he has an issue with all women, not just his sister,” Sparrow thought.) It seemed pretty clear to the party that with Vanthus trapping them down below Parrot Island and also leaving this Penkus to die, he didn’t seem to want to be redeemed.

A slight depression in the back wall of the tiny room caught Sparrow’s eye, and Seamus was able to reveal a secret door. Inside were three sea chests holding the last smuggler’s treasures – a lot of coins and restorative potions.

A small tunnel under the water in the twisting passage was found and Sparrow and Leland swam out to uncover the original trap door and the group hauled up the chests and tried to decide what to do next. “Do we still have a boat?” Sparrow asked as she pulled on her boots. “Or did that bastard Vanthus take it with him?”


Thank you, Sparrow. I found myself tired last night and not up to taking notes as we played, so my rendition was a little less than I would have liked.

There Is No Honor 03

Desmond does NOT yelp!

There Is No Honor 03

Wow, who didn’t see that comment coming?

There Is No Honor 03

Even the guy at the pizza shop saw that one coming.

There Is No Honor 03

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