The Tide

Interlude 01

“Have them on dock nineteen with the tide,” Vanthus ordered the clerk at the Black Shield guildhall. As he left, he hoped that sow Brissa was right about the Crimson Fleet using Kraken’s Cove as smuggling harbor. Fell right for him, she did. His smile had no mirth in it. She was no Rowyn. And Rowyn was no Lavinia. He scowled, still irritated that his parents had left her everything.

He put on his serious face as he approached the dock and the ship he had chartered to take him, Brissa, and the mercenaries to the Cove. In just a few days, he would be leaving Brissa, and her whole family, to take the blame for attacking and robbing Crimson Fleet operations while he brought back the plunder to Rowyn and the Lotus Dragons.


Something would have to be done.

Bring it on, bee-yotch.

Interlude 01


Interlude 01

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