The Tide

Bullywug Gambit 02

Further exploration

DM Note: Players edit as you wish.

After they left the hall of silk sheets, they came across a couple of dog-like creatures, also mutated into something ferocious.

Between the creatures in the caves and Sparrow’s infected bite, the group is suspecting some poison or disease, and they are partly hoping Vanthus fell victim to it. Especially when they come across a woman alone and crying in one cave. As Leland moves cautiously forward to try to help this woman who seems not to be affected, she cries out Vanthus’ name and sobs at how hungry she is before attacking Leland. They realize this is the Brissa woman from Vanthus’ letters, that he was just using to get to the Crimson Fleet’s money. They set off again with an even more dour view of their patron’s brother.

There was a short fight in a maze-like section of the hide-out, then they stumbled into a room with a tall, commanding woman fighting off several of what seemed to be her crew, now changed and savage. The party helps her out, and when the fight was over, find out that this woman, Harliss Javell, saw Vanthus start the trouble with some strange big black pearl. She regrets that she sent her first mate with a group of bullywugs from the surrounding jungle to the Vanderboren manor to deal with the dastardly Vanthus. The group realize they must hurry back to Lavinia’s before she is killed.



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