The Tide

Bullywug Gambit 01

Something is very wrong here...

DM Note: As always, my players should feel free to edit. I am behind and going mostly with summarizing.

A couple days after the dinner party thrown in their honor, Sparrow visits a fortune teller on a whim. She is told that the foe she seeks is not the foe to worry about.

The party buys a boat and rows themselves to Kraken’s Cove to look for the villainous Vanthus. Leaving the boat behind at a small beach, they trudge up a trail to the top of the surrounding cliffs. Dropping out of the trees are some mutated monkeys, and Sparrow takes a vicious bite that soon seems infected. At the top of the cliffs, Sparrow takes the fastest way down,executing a nice dive, even as Leland is tying a rope to make things easier. Leland then dives in, followed by Seamus, whose dive is not nearly so nice as the others.

The burning ships in the cove are putting smoke everywhere, but torn bodies can be seen strewn about the beach. Three humanoid-shaped figures lurch out of the smoke at the party, teeth gnashing and strange growths protruding from their bodies. The party is grossed out, but deals with monsters handily.

Inside the caves the Crimson Fleet uses as a base, there are animal screams, maniacal laughter. Leland scouts ahead and is greossed out when he spies cannibal mutants in the mess hall getting their next meal ready. He shoots, but his first shot goes wide and they fight moves down the hallway.

Later, the group comes upon a hall full of silk sheets. They get attacked by a strange reptile as they try to move through the hall dropping the ropes holding the sheets up to dry.



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